5 Beginner Tips For Ecommerce

Use Available Platforms

Your website is not the only place which you can utilise to sell your products. There are a variety of places which you can place your products to increase sales. From a mainstream social media perspective, Facebook and Instagram are the strongest in this market. (Note: There are ways to automatically link your product catalogue from your website to Facebook or you can manually upload the products). Other platforms include the likes of Etsy, eBay, Amazon and Google Shopping.

This is not to say that all platforms should be used but rather don’t limit your sales by not opening your eyes to the other platforms available to you.

Illustrate Security On Your Website

Ecommerce is gradually becoming more and more popular among shoppers. While retail still dominates, ecommerce is continuing to have a huge impact. Security is one area where ecommerce is often criticised on and therefore affects people’s decisions to buy online. Ensure your website provides all the relevant details to illustrate how secure your payment portal is. You can also use payment partner logos such as Stripe and Paypal to illustrate security.

Use Descriptive ‘Call to Actions’

This may seem like a too simplistic and obvious tip to be providing but mistakes with CTA’s are often made. Be sure to describe exactly what the button will do. For example, don’t use ‘Buy Now’ if it really means ‘Add to Cart Using “Buy Now” when a button should say “Add to Cart”. Using inaccurate buttons can cause frustration and therefore may deter users from buying.

Provide A Collection Option – If Possible

As mentioned before ecommerce is something not everyone trusts. Therefore, if possible, provide your customers with the option to pick up their products from your retail stores. Users may also want to save money or time on delivery and therefore a collection option may be the reason they choose your products over a competitor’s.

Make It Easy

With online experiences becoming more and more mobile, provide users with an easy to shop mobile experience when on your website. Making sweeping statements is not something we like to do, but when it comes to using phones, people interact with their phone in very similar ways. For example, it is very common for users to hold their phone in their right hand and scroll with their thumb. Therefore knowing where to place relevant information and buttons to encourage conversions is important.

Well we hope you enjoyed this blog about tips for ecommerce, if you’d like to know more about ecommerce or if you have any questions on any of the topics covered in this blog, or some of the other areas we cover, like digital marketing or web design, feel free to contact us.