In the beginning…

Let’s start at the beginning, your task is to create content for a business, maybe it’s your business, this doesn’t matter. What does matter is what type of content do you create and how do you generate enough ideas to consistently create this type of content?

First and foremost, choose content that you like doing. Content Marketing is a long haul game, you are going to have to spend many hours creating content, and if you don’t like it, not only will it demoralise you but your consumers will know. I understand that this is not always feasible. It is the nature of the beast that you will sometimes find yourself working on something you don’t like, try finding an angle with that content that resonates with you, for example, tell a personal story that related to the topic. Create a Content Culture within your company, it’s not just up to the content marketer to create the content. Often the role of the Content Marketer is to facilitate other’s ideas and to aid them in telling their story. Don’t be afraid to ask the experts.

When deciding what topics to talk about, identify key problems to target. These problems are ones that your business can solve. For example, if you are a website designer choose problems related to the world of website and design. This will ensure your content is relevant to your target market and that you are being useful to them. Make sure you have an opinion on these problems.

Once you’ve listed out a number of problems to solve, develop an opinion on them, you might find you already have an opinion. Don’t be afraid to share it, people will connect with your content more if they feel you are being honest and transparent and not just preaching maxims that you believe everyone wants to hear. Provide your consumer with simple steps to solving your problem. We are in an age of information overload, be kind to your consumer and provide straightforward and easy to follow steps, think bullet points. Struggling to think of enough problems to solve to fill out a content calendar?

  • Brainstorm ideas with others, especially work colleagues
  • Use hashtags or google keywords to find topics.
  • Ask your email subscribers for topics
  • If you or your website has a help desk, check it for frequent problems you can solve
  • Forums or Groups can be a good source of ideas
  • Follow other Industry Leaders on social for ideas
  • Look at other Blogs, Articles, or Digital Books related to your area and check the comment sections for consumer’s problems
  • Write what you learned from listening to a Podcast on the topic
  • Reddit, Quora, etc.
  • Reuse Old Content – Example: turn a published blog into quotes, graphics, videos, a podcast, etc.