You are a Storyteller

‘Content Marketing – Telling Your Story’ will help you tell your business’s story and ensure it reaches its target market.

Storytelling is something I’ve always been interested in. I grew up in and later worked in a family run pub. Storytellers were something I came across almost every day. As a young toddler with a magnificent blond afro, I often sat at the edge of a barstool, idly swinging my legs while listening to the ramblings of an alcohol-addled mind. I was usually rewarded for my attentiveness with a packet of crisps or a ‘fiver’ for the shop. This captivation for the craft of storytelling translated to an educational path of an undergrad in English and History and a Masters in Applied Digital Media. Unfortunately, my degrees didn’t come with the reward of a packet of crisps or a fiver(or maybe fortunately, they didn’t, as that would’ve probably diminished the achievements).

Anyways since the glory days of my sodium enriched youth, I’ve lost the beautiful blond locks and now have to buy my own crisps. This inconvenience aside, what attracted me to go down the digital media path, was the variety of ways digital allows you to tell a story, through blogs, vlogs, photos, websites, videos, podcasts, graphics, games, animations, etc etc. It’s an exciting time for content creation as digital has democratised content. You can tell your story without requiring a massive budget and/or a huge team of people. On the downside, this has led to many businesses completely abandoning the role of editor which has opened the public up to a deluge of poorly edited content (I will give you some tips for editing later in the blog).

I told you my little path into storytelling not to waste your time, but to inform you that this is what your role is in marketing any business, you are a storyteller and your business can tell its story with whatever medium best suits it. But the question is how best to market your story? After all, let’s be real, you are not telling your business’s story for the sake of it. You are creating content with the end goal of it benefiting your company. You could call it inbound marketing or content marketing, whatever way you want to frame it, you are not just a content creator but a content marketer. In this blog, I will distil some of the lessons I’ve learned from my experience and from the experience of others when it comes to marketing your stories. These lessons can be applied to many roles, for example, if you are creating content for your own business, if you’re starting out as a digital marketer, or if you’re a lowly intern who has been handed the role of ‘Head Blog Writer’. Content is king and it’s time we get your content out to its intended masses.