The Importance of Having a Digital Strategy

Strategy in business forms not only the reason that you exist as a company but what you desire to become, and how you propose you will get to those targets. A digital strategy, in an age of online communication, social media, e-commerce, automation and so forth, has become for many the enabler in which to achieve our business ambitions.

Website Development and Digital Marketing form two very important cogs in the wheel of activating a digital strategy, and at Trigger Media we pride ourselves on engaging with our clients not only in executing the projects that they come to us with as a singular piece of work but how in fact those projects fit into a greater digital strategy.

So here it is, my brief views on why implementing a digital strategy is important for your business

The Big and Little Picture

As much as a digital strategy is just one element of an overall business strategy, it also holds within it a number of strands which combine to form an integrated and complementary approach to driving your business forward.
Understanding where digital fits into your business strategy will go a long way in ensuring that you are indeed doing the right thing. If you are a traditional bricks and mortar business and notice people coming into your store, having a look and then leaving (most likely to think it over and buy online) then you probably need an e-commerce website. If you are selling delicious fresh Wexford strawberries or spuds on the side of the road, then you probably don’t. If you find yourself in a competitive industry battling for sales, then a digital advertising campaign, optimised website, and CRM system is probably something you should look into. My point here is that a digital strategy is not a one size fits all option. It should be tailored to your resources and objectives

Communicating Your Message

Digital is an incredibly effective and efficient means of communicating with existing and potential customers. Receiving emails has become second nature as an end to end means of speaking to customers, but consider digital advertising and the use of social media as a part of your strategy and you have just significantly increased the chances of your message being heard, and by the right people.
The power of both digital advertising and social media is that you are speaking to audiences that have either consciously liked what you do, or through the gathering of data (legally we’ll assume), have been signalled as someone who would like what you do, they just may not know it yet.

Being Visible

What did you do the last time you looked for information online? Maybe it was to look for a restaurant nearby, for directions to a gig, or to prove a friend wrong on a Saturday night when they come up with some absurd quote and you cannot wait to prove them wrong. The fact of it is, that as consumers we more often than not consult our phones and laptops to seek out information. Therefore having a strong digital presence will help you and your business attract new customers. One of the simplest means of being found is to engage with search engine optimisation (SEO) which is basically ensuring that search engines such as Google can find you when a potential customer inputs a search term that reflects what your business offers.

Staying Relevant

Having a digital strategy in place means you’ve made taken the first steps to future proofing your business. That’s a great first step but make sure that you continue to use your new strategy to stay ahead of the pack. Now staying relevant doesn’t mean that you have to do what the cool kids do. I don’t think anyone attained more business by taking pics in a flower crown filter, but being aware of what your customers engaging with, where they are hanging out (digitally, don’t go stalking people, it’s frowned upon) will go a long way in creating and maintaining a loyal customer base.
Staying relevant also means doing the boring admin stuff such as ensuring you have a security certificate on your website and regularly updating your content and most definitely make sure that your website is mobile optimised.

Some of the beauty of working within the digital landscape of services is that it is always changing. Google will add a new feature, Facebook will change an algorithm, or someone will come along with a new piece of tech promising to revolutionise the world. This is all great for the armies of digital marketers out there, it keeps us on our toes, but to a small business owner, this is probably more of a nightmare.