In-app purchasing in Instagram… Well it’s about time!

Let’s be honest… it’s about time!

It’s taken Instagram a long time to be able to add the capability of purchasing in-app, considering the resources they have available, but it is finally here (in beta – slowly releasing to bigger brands first). While apps such as Wish and Geek (sister companies) continue to grow due to the ability to connect people with good prices and a very easy checkout process (it’s literally a swipe once your account is set up), Instagram seemed to sit still before announcing this week that in-app purchasing is no longer a work in progress.

Whether you’re an experienced media mogul or a young digital whippersnapper, who often both discuss the topic of digital marketing, ‘influencers’ etc in different tones, there is no denying that this will attract/pull marketing budgets over the next year away from other areas.

Didn’t they have this already?

Although this is new to the app, the ability to click on products has been there for a while, however, it would take you to a pop up of the brand’s site to make the purchase. In an era, where ease of payment is becoming more and more important to the effectiveness of ecommerce transactions, we can make an assumption that if done correctly, this development will increase ecommerce sales & conversion rates.

Don’t get confused where this sits in your marketing strategy.

If you’re already thinking of Instagram as a good option to sell your products, please understand what you are trying to do with it. Do you have a strategy in place with various channels firing at the same time? Well then ask yourself where this fits into that strategy!

Will you use it while remarketing to people who have been on your site already? Will you use it as a customer acquisition tool with a broad reach and popular products? Many people often jump head first into these developments without considering their strategy.

So how do you get started?

Depending on where you are at with using Instagram for marketing, you can simply wait until this functionality is rolled out and begin to implement it into your long term strategy or you can click this link to the Instagram itself and get started on using Instagram Business Profile.