Grosvenor Services

Grosvenor Services is a leader in cleaning and facilities management services, providing an integrated approach to operating and maintaining multi-faceted solutions for over 60 years.

Web Development

They came to us looking to develop their online presence further with two modern websites for both their EU and US offices along with their video content on site and professional headshots.

Within the development Grosvenor Services needed a “clean” process for enquiries coming through their website. This meant that we needed to build a form process which automatically generated questions as users went through the process on site. These requests who then be sent directly to the relevant stakeholders depending on the request or enquiry.

Content Production

When we arrived into Grosvenor Services, the senior management team already had their vision of how they wanted their main video to be produced. This video includes a variety of stakeholders in the business giving an insight into the company and it’s ethos.

The US site is yet to go live but is due to in the coming weeks.

We are delighted to be continuing our support Grosvenor Services in 2020.