SEBA Crypto AG

SEBA Crypto AG came to us to create a custom website through a content management system they had chosen specially, taking us away from our platform of choice, WordPress. The design of the site needed to illustrate what SEBA weas trying to do with their company which was to bridge the gap between people and cryptocurrencies. 

The website itself was built on Craft CMS. The design was clean with clear emphasis on the branding of SEBA. One of the strengths of SEBA is their experienced team so this needed to be prominent on the site from the start and with careers and their blog. 

The company itself had a clear timeline on where it wanted to be and when it wanted to be there so a custom module to illustrate this was created onsite. Once the site was completed, our social media team took over to support Ignite PR in the promotion of the brand pre and post launch.

When the website was launched we also helped with the social media and PR launch of the brand which had a significant impact over a very short period of time. For this we worked with Ignite PR, who specialise in this niche area, to get the most out of the budget allocated.